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what is gorila glass,about of gorila glass

What is gorilla glass ???

many people buy millions phones ,tablet,laptop,...and many company are there in market..they use
verity types of gorilla glass...more people think what is gorilla glass...and which power in it...
many more electronics company are increases their design camera,battery,display,processor and much

you show in market gorilla  glass 1,2,3,4, that

gorilla glass is a type of glass ..its a drop protected glass,thats not sure that its never broken..its a broken type glass but in-front of normal glass the gorilla glass is so better for normal glass..

here i ll show you what is gorilla glass and what is the procedure

gorilla glass made by 3 chemical which is

1- sio2 (SILICON DIOXIDE)..which called SAND
2-lime stone
3-sodium carbonate

this three product mix and heat when its melt... then we give a shape which type we want
this type of glass is not gorilla glass...this type of glass called aluminum silicate glass...

in the process some changes in chemical..ion exchange ...

what is ION ,,,

ION is a atom which have some charge,,,in the exchange process,,in the aluminium silicate glass some sodium carbonate replace by some potassium
which is highly active materials..which called gorilla glass

that gorilla glass use in  mobiles,laptop.led.also use in shooing,...

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