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what is conjuction in english grammar


conjuction is a word that joins words,pharases,clauses or sentences.It is also called a joiner, connecter or sentence linker.

Kinds of conjunction

1-Coordinating Conjuction 
2-Subordinating Conjuction
3-Correlative  Conjunction

Coordinating Conjuction:-

Coordinating Conjuctions may join single words,or they may join groups of words ,but they always join elements of same kind :either subject and subject,or verb phrase and  verb phrase, or sentence and sentence.
  The most commonly used coordinating conjunctions are For,And,Nor.But,Or,Yet,So.Remember the acronym FANBOYS. 

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And-  Kamini sent in her application and waited by the phone for a response.
But-   The club  never  invested  foolishly,but  use the services of some intelligent counselors.
Or-   You study hard for this exam or you will not get good marks.
Nor-   He is neither sane nor intelligent.
yet-   Pinku plays  basketball well,yet his favorite sport is cricket.
For-   Ramesh thought he had a good chance to get the job ,for his uncle was on the company's board of directors.
So-   He is not only Olympic athlete in his  family,so are his brother,sister,and his niece chetna.

Subordinating Conjunction:-

Subordinating Conjunctions, the largest class of conjunction,connect subordinate clauses to a main clauses. A subordinating conjunction comes at the beginning of a subordinate clause  and establishes a relationship between  the depend clause and the rest of the sentences .

    Some most commonly used subordinating  conjunctions are ;after, although, as if,  as, as long as , as soon as,though, because, before, even though, if, if only, in order that, now that, after,  once, rather than, since, so that,than that, though, till, unless, until, when, whenever, where, whereas, wherever, while.


When-  When I went to office, the  peon was going  to his house.
since-   I have been searching her since I  met her.
After-    Ramesh went to his home. after he completed  his work.
Before-   You should complete the work,before you go to market.
While-   Make hey while the sun shines.
Until-    He will stay in office until you reach there.
As-    He is allowed to enter as she was not available in office.
Because-   she is crying because someone has stolen her purse.
That-   We eat that we may live.
So that-   He came here,so that  he can discuss the plan.
In order that-   He is working  hard in order that he can succeed.
Where-   I found my purse where I left it.
Wherever-   Let her go wherever she  likes to go.
Although-   Although he is intelligent,he is simple.
Though-   I shall not meet her though she comes.
As soon as-  I will start  the business,as soon as I get the licence.
As long as-   As long as you remain here, we shall get no rest.

Correlative Conjunction:-

        Correlative Conjuctions also connect sentence elements of the same kind: however,unlike coordinating conjuctions ,correlative conjuctions are always used in pairs.

    Such conjunctions are ;either...or, neither...nor,   hardly...when, both...and, if...then, no sooner...than, not only....but also, rather...than, scarcely...when, whether....or  .


either...or-    I will either go for a picnic or take rest.
Neither...nor-  She is neither rich  nor good nature.
hardly...when-   He had hardly  begun to work,when it started raining.
both...and-   She is both intelligent and liberal.
if...then-    If that  is true , then what happened  can't be imagined.
no sooner...than-    No sooner  had I  reached the station.than the train arrived.
not only....but also-    She is not only clever, but also intelligent.
rather...than-    I would rather go swimming than go to the hospital.
scarcely...when-   Scarcely had we left college, when it started to rain.
Whether...or-    Have you decided whether you will go there or not?

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