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How to trace Mobile Location,Best Mobile Number Tracker With Google Maps

some one is stolen your phone or you lost your phone where facing many difficulties in community and studying...

there are many site in this field ..who tell you  we saw the particular location live on map of your mobile number/phone location..but they saw only the district name on map where is sim card distributor point...they are not saw the particular location of your stolen phone...

who stolen your phone or who get your phone he broken your sim card firstly...he think that when i broken this phone sim card ...the owner of phone will not find this phone...

there are tips to find your phone very fast..

How you find your mobile when its lost or stolen

normal mobile procedure 1st :-

when two organization work properly and honestly then you get your phone quickly  

there are many videos and tracking site on you tube and google..but they didnot work properly...i suggest you that dont west your time go the proper way...

if your mobile is like a key paid mobile or 3g/4g are not available in your phone..then simply go to your nearest police station and   give a FIR ...and get a FIR copy ...then you go to your sim card customer care office and tell them your phone was stolen or lost..they charged you for get a same number of your sim card approximately 100 rs..they put your IMEI number in tracking mood..and wait for 2 to 3 days ..if your phone is active mood then you get your phone 

when possible=whenever two organization work properly and honestly then you get your phone quickly..

Android 3g/4g mobile procedure:-

when you lost your phone either stolen your phone..dont worry you get your phone quickly..but 1 think is there that you remind your gmail/email id.then you get your phone quickly..which gmail/email id you use in your phone in play store  and gmail. 

Simply go to chrome browser or any browser..but i suggest the chrome browser because its work quickly...then search Android device manager ...which the 1st search result click on it and login to your gmail id which gmail id you use your lost phone..and see your phone live location on google map..

when possible:-if your phone connect to a network...then you can manage your phone ...ringing your phone in silent mood,lock your mobile...erase option are available but 1 think is.. do not erase your phone because when your erase your all contain in your phone you are no longer to locate your phone...simply go to the map direction and get your phone...

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