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Tips to Save Battery!!! Best Battery Life how to save battery life

How to save battery..

friends ...all we use 4g hand set..and its battery is 4000 Mah, 3600 Mah..we charge it in the night
and after get up in morning you continue use your phone you tube,,,watsaap,,,Facebook.,,like all that
when you reach evening your battery charge was get suffering many stress...some people carry
power bank which weight is 300 to 500 gram....

i have some process..if you follow that then you battery was go for long time,,

1- you use a cellular network jio,airtel,aircel like ,,but in the phone many other network are there
    which is Bluetooth,WiFi, dont know by mistakely the network is always on in your                   mobile..some time you transfer a file through Bluetooth,share it,you on the Bluetooth and forget to     off..keep the network off mood.

2-sound and vibration-many people use their phone in verity types of keypad                        sound,mobile keypad vibration      
   lock sound,lock open sound,like unwanted sound..its not necessary in mobile keep the sound off          mood,.   and keypad vibration was consume your battery keep turn off the keypad touch      vibration mood..

3-many people use their phone in auto update mood...suppose your phone have 10% charge and the
   auto update aap automatically update your dont want in that time..and your phone have      only 2%   charge...keep the auto update off mood..when your phone have maximum charge you can    updates that time...

4- screen brightness-people are use their screen in high /medium brightness..which is effect to battery     power... dont use auto brightness..because the hone censer is always active and detect the light of       your near area and setup the brightness automatic..manually use your phone brightness..

    another think is screen time out is very important for battery...setup your time out minimum 15       second...then come your wallpaper..dont use any live wallpaper its boost your battery and decrees       your battery charge..

5- Data consume..use to off mood in your background data..when you want to use just manually do         for battery

6- most important is fake charger..dont use any fake or duplicate charger..its effect to battery
    always use original charger..if you use any fake or duplicate charger the battery was not charge full

    it make the battery full hit..and it may be for the reason for blast..

    feel free please give a comment........


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